There are so many rituals and ways in which different cultures and traditions are performed which have a unique touch and way which is of great significance for all the people over the place. This shows that how much vast the society and the traditions are and how much they have believed in their cultures which have given them a name and a way of living which cannot be bought from others and one such is from Chennai which is known as “Bali Tharpanam”.

Bali Tharpanam is a tradition which has been followed from a long time by the people of the place. They believe that the devotion and prayers will bring peace and harmony to their ancestors. This is if much significance that they still believe in the fact and follow the rituals to make their lives and their ancestors live peaceful and happy. The devotion takes place on the beach side of the Bay of Bengal and people gather there in hope and believe that this will surely bring peace to them and their ancestors as well. People gather here and they do prayer and remember their loved ancestors who are always in their heart and have been the most precious ones.

The devotees come together in one place and all they do is remember their loved ones and show their love and respect for their ancestors and that is how the Bali Tharapanam has much significance than other, its all about being oneself  and remembering their ancestors so that they can have peace and harmony in their lives as well. The Bali Tharapanam is done on the new moon according to the Malayalam Calendar. The day is of very significant to all the people and this plays a very major and effective role.

The devotees come together and do the prayer and offer food to their ancestors, this is the process in which people believe that they will make their ancestors happy and peaceful for their ancestors and for them as well. There are so many different traditions and cultures which are being performed by so many people and all of them are having their own vast culture which they perform at daily basis to make their life and lord happy and this also provides them happiness and internal peace which is of much significance to them and this is what Bali Tharapanam is all about.



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