There are so many facts and figures that you don’t know about and these are must know, on daily basis you perform so many activities and these habits and activities which you have been doing and this might be affecting your health or maybe that will be having a positive result and can be beneficial for you. Here we will tell you about some of the amazing and surprising facts which you don’t know that they are leaving an impact on your body and health.

Chewing makes you more alert, this is a true fact that you should know about. Chewing a chewing gum makes you alert and active rather than nothing. Studies have proved that Having a Chewing gum can actually make you feel more active and also it increases your memory by 35%. If you are feeling lazy and tired then you should have a chewing gum, the taste of the chewing gum makes you feel fresh and active and also reduces stress and anxiety. So, if the next time you are feeling sleepy or tired pop up a chewing gum which can take you back on the track and make you full of energy.

Sitting at a desk can increase the risk of death by 50%. There are so many people who are working in multinational companies and what they have to do is sit at a chair and desk and keep working on their computers all day. The risk of death increases this way when you are working all day and there is nobody movement this makes you sick and tired. You should always take breaks and roam around this will refresh and energies your body and mind. You should perform more physical activities and this will make you healthy and active.

To reduce depression, drink coffee. Yes, this might sound bit weird but yes this is true, drinking coffee can reduce the chance of depression. We have heard a lot of negative impact of caffeine on our body but apart from that, the studies prove that four cups of coffee can help you reduce the risk of depression by 20%. So this is actually a healthy way which you can follow and this is going to create a better life for you. If you feel that you are likely to get depressed then this is the solution that you should try out.

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