Police and the security checks have confirmed that the terrorist group was planning some evil thoughts to cause harm on the special occasion of Independence Day. It is none other than the bad news that the nation is getting and this fear still strikes in the mind of one and all that when this terrorism is going to stop and people will then live with peace and harmony and with joy and happiness, the day is still awaited and all the possible actions have been taken up the government.

In Jammu, a terrorist was arrested on Sunday with grenades and an amount of 60,000 and the report also explains that he was going to hand over the plan and the grenades to a contact in Delhi and they were planning a strike on the day of freedom of India. The report also says that the same thing was planned to happen in Jammu as well, the winter capital. The bad happening was stopped and the terrorist was arrested by the police and is on the way to Delhi with the Grenades and also with the amount of money.

After the interrogation, it was also found that the terrorist was planning to come to Delhi from Jammu. The police arrested the terrorist at Gandhi Nagar, Jammu with the eight Grenades and the cash amount of 60,000. After this he was going to hand over the Grenades to his some contact in Delhi, which is successfully under the control of the police and the whole situation is now sorted but still, there is some fear and that is because of the contact to which the terrorist was going to hand over the grenades. This puzzle is yet to be solved.

Hopefully, the police and the intelligence forces will also find the contact which is in Delhi and the fear of the nation will come to an end. Terrorism is a problem which needs to be solved from its root cause and this need to be done fast, to save protect millions of lives and also to ensure peace and harmony within the nation so that people can live with utmost happiness and joy in their homes without any fear of terrorism and terrorist, the time has come to take the steps and make the nation safe and a place of joy for all the people.


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