For so long we have always heard that plastic is a course to the environment and our whole surrounding. There was this thinking that plastic cannot be decomposed and again used for any purpose, But you never know that what new changes can be brought into this technological time and new generation. We have come across a new idea and innovation which can bring a lot of new changes, which can be a new trend in the market and in the society as well. This new innovation and new idea are known as Eco Bricks.

Russell Maier, the co-founder of Eco Bricks tell us that how the curse to the society “ plastic bottles” can be used for a great cause with a bit of idea and new innovation. He found out the new way of using used plastic bottles, which is a very interesting and shocking that something can be really done with the plastic bottles which we never thought that it can be put to use again.

Eco-bricks is a way and a process in which empty plastic bottles which we can find anywhere on roadsides in dustbins is picked up and filled with sand and then it is closed with the cap. Then these plastic bottles filled with sand are used to create walls, chair, boundaries, sitting places, fences, stairs and many more new things that you wish to create. In this way, we can find a solution for increasing pollution which is creating a lot of problems for people and their living. These Eco bricks can be used to give shelter to homeless people who don’t have enough money to build a roof for them.

Eco-bricks is surely going to bring a change in the society and it can be very helpful to give shelter to homeless people, by creating walls and roof for them. This is a step and an innovation which can bring a new trend of using eco-bricks and creating the society and the environment clean and healthy for human beings and other creatures. A lot of people are Joining in this activity to make it aware to the people that are there are many things which can be done with trash and this will help many people to figure out their problems and can give them a good life which they have been wanting from always.

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