Chennai is one of the most beautiful and amazing places to visit if you are so much fond of traveling. This place has a lot to serve and show you and there are also some cool places which you can visit and just simply enjoy there. The calmness and the peace of the place will make you feel light and will keep you in touch with nature and the beautiful lush green environment. There are so many places to check out in Chennai but this one is the must go. Mahabalipuram is just a few hours drives away from Chennai and here you can come and witness the history that the place holds. The top 3 monuments to check out at this place are

The first one is the Shore Temple, as the name suggests the temple is situated right at the edge of the seashore. If you are looking forward to coming and have some sun and sea then this is the best place to go for. You can visit the holy temple as it holds a lot of things from the past which you can come and learn and obviously never forget. This is the must visit monuments which are listed under UNESCO world heritage and has a lot for you to see.

The second one is The Descent of The Ganges if you are looking for an open place with the fresh air to feel and also want to know about the story of the holy river Ganga then this is the place for you. You can come and see the sculptures on the walls which depict the story of how Ganga fall on Earth from the Heaven and a lot more to know. This is one of the best places if you have a keen interest in knowing about the past and history which is worshipped.

The third and the last one is The Mahishasuramardini Cave, this is the place where you can find the carved stone on which you can see the gods and goddess which are shown in their true form of what they are. You must also climb the lighthouse if you want to have an amazing view of the Mahabalipuram City. The place has so much to offer and once in a lifetime, you must visit to witness something unknown to gain some knowledge about the true history.





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