In the small Alakhpura Village of Bhiwani, Haryana, a new air has blown and around 200 girls have come up and shown their interest and passion for football where girls and women are not allowed to even remove their ghoonghats and these girls are kicking it in shorts. The village girls are showing up their love for the game and have the dream to take their nation to the heights of glory and success which no one ever has thought. The village girls daily practice and make their game strong.

The passion and the fire in their eyes completely reflect that the never-ending love of the girls for the game is highly commendable. The coach and the trainer of the girls is explaining and telling us that how the girls are doing hard work day and night to achieve their dream of playing for the nation, and this can be seen in their passion and the way every day they come to the field with immense joy and zeal which is the love for their game. There are so many athletes and players from Haryana who are doing so well to make the nation proud on them.

This is the time when each one of us should support and bring the girls out of their Comfort zones and also encourage them to do believe in their dreams and push them to achieve and make their nation proud. When can girls from the small village of Haryana have this courage to take the step to do something new then why can’t us? This is the time when all of us should open up and make the nation a place where each individual has the freedom to live their dream and aspire whatever they want.

When a small village can think this much to do and to live their dreams then why we should fear taking up a step to bring and support girls up so that they can have the time of life out of the kitchen and home to bring a change in the minds and the society that girls can be the future which they never thought and these girls from Haryana are proving this statement very right and making the country proud of them, to take up such a challenge to fulfil their dreams.

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