There is nothing that can happen with the new technology and the generation that is going miles to make our life easier and more healthy and one of them has been found out by the US, the study shows that there are chances of helping people to quit smoking by sending them alerts. There is an app which is built which will sensor the hand and arm movement, and they will send a video of 20 to 120 seconds providing people with the knowledge and side effects of smoking which can lead to disastrous happenings.

The app will sensor the movement and will send an alert to you, which will be able to help you quit smoking. This could really help a lot of lives to change and can bring a new result which is surely going to make a change in the society which is for the betterment of the people. There have been many upgrades and new inventions which are creating awareness among people to choose a healthy lifestyle.

The app which is designed for the smokers to quit smoking will surely help people out in figuring out their problems and this can bring a change in the living style and habits of the smokers. The study shows that this is possible to make people understand about the bad effects of smoking on their health which can destroy families.

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